Definitions for "Data mart"
A subset of the data resource, usually oriented to a specific purpose or major data subject, that may be distributed to support business needs. The concept of a data mart can apply to any data whether they are operational data, evaluational data, spatial data, or metadata.
Usually sponsored at the department level and developed with a specific issue or subject in mind, a Data Mart is a data warehouse with a focused objective. The scope of data in a data mart is limited to data supporting the target objective. In this sense, the data mart is more structured than a general-purpose data warehouse. Data mart's are now generally recognized as the most cost-effective approach to data warehousing.
A small, single-subject warehouse used by individual departments or groups of users.
A method of storing, managing, and cataloging large relational databases created with LAN-based relational database management systems. The goal is to provide users with timely and accurate information for decision-making.
a persistent physical store of operational and statistically processed aggregated data that supports businesspeople in making decisions based primarily on analyses of past activities and results
A repository of data gathered from operational data and other sources that is designed to serve a particular community of knowledge workers.
A database, often sourced from an EDW, that serves the advanced data analysis needs of a particular group of BI users within an organization.
a specialty retail store--a boutique--that sells data related to one kind of subject area, like sales or manufacturing
A data collection and organization system designed to work on a departmental level.