Definitions for "Enterprise Data Warehouse"
An Enterprise Data Warehouse is a data warehouse containing all publishable quality data of a permanent nature collected by an organization. This inevitably includes historic data from multiple data sources. Operational transaction data is usually excluded due to its volatile nature. Enterprise data warehouses are valuable resources, are costly to construct, and require a long time to evolve.
An Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a non-volatile data store containing historical, detailed data that spans a number of subject areas. This data store is fed by transactional data on a regular basis from a variety of data sources. In the eyes of the end-user, the EDW is a read-only environment. At the University of Illinois, the EDW is one component of the overall Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse contains both the EDW and specialized Data Marts. ()
A collection of data that can be defined and shared across the whole enterprise along the lines of common dimensions to be used for analysis.
a great resource for a successful BI deployment