Definitions for "Dama "
Stands for Demand-Assigned Multiple Access. This is a way to instantaneously assign telephony channels in a transponder according to the immediate traffic demands.
See Demand Assigned Multiple Access.
Demand Assigned Multiple Access. Allocation of communication satellite time to earth stations as the need arises.
Derechos de Autor de Medios Audiovisuales
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A son or according to Visnu purana, a grandson of king Marutta of Solar race. He rescued his bride Su-mana from his rivals, and one of them named Vap... more
The second of the shat sampatthis. It means control of the sense and motor organs in the pursuit of knowledge/wisdom.
Control of senses.
1) in Italian, a dame. 2) in Spanish and Portuguese, a dame or noblewoman.
a genus of deer including the Eurasian fallow deer, Dama dama.
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DAMA (the Data Management Association) is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent, international association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resource management (IRM) and data resource management (DRM).
A WorkSafeBC doctor who specializes in disability award assessments and conducts permanent functional impairment examinations. A DAMA may also be a consulting medical specialist.
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Dama lets you play Turkish draughts, which is rather different from British draughts.
Destination Australia Marketing Alliance
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a sort of memorial festival held at least a year after a person's death