Definitions for "BSS"
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Another name for data which was not initialized when a program was compiled. The name is an acronym for block started by symbol.
lock torage egment. This is the memory mapping section containing the data allocated for a binary image at execution time. Also known as "Block Started by Symbol" and "Bull-Shit Storage".
A predefined data section of an executable file that contains uninitialized data, including all variables declared as static within a function or source module. The linker combines all the .bss sections in the object (.OBJ) and library (.LIB) files into one .bss section in the executable file. A text file containing C language code.
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Refers to a group of a wireless access points and group of wireless client computers.
Baitrunner Spool System. The Baitrunner Spool System (BSS) allows the angler to convert the set front drag with the turn of a dial to a softer front Baitrunner drag setting.
Basic service set. A set of wireless stations that communicate with one another through an AP.
A category of software and services used by telecommunications industry firms. In its market definitions, Gartner Dataquest defines BSS as software and services necessary to optimize and monetize networked services offered to corporate and residential users.
Broadcast Satellite Service
BOEING SATELLITE SYSTEMS. Satellite manufacturer previously owned by Hughes Electronics and named Hughes Space and Communications Co. BSS manufactures the Boeing 601, Boeing 601 HP and Boeing 702 model satellites.
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Bungle Stake Size (Ie a very un-manageable, dangerous and "under the table" stake size lol) Khalsa_PC1
Bail Supervision and Support
Short for Business Support System. This is a web-based Licensee tool for gaining information and retrieving documents and support.
A system that supports and manages information of various communications functions such as rating & billing, service provisioning, data warehousing, customer care, mediation, network management and account receivables. A BSS can also be incorporated into an OSS.
Boater's Safety School
Boat Safety Scheme. A scheme designed to ensure that all boats comply with minimum safety standards. This scheme requires boats to be inspected every four years. A boat cannot be granted a licence unless it has a Boat Safety certificate or for a new boat it has been certified as complying to the CE standards.
Skillman Southwestern Branch Library
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See Ad-Hoc
This subset is used with advanced user application and advanced FTAM usage.
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Behavioral Surveillance Surveys
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Balanced Salt Solution