Definitions for "Character map"
A string of characters to create a character that is not on your keyboard. For example to create the character © you hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type 0169 into your number pad, then release the Alt key. Learn How To Create Characters
The result of Run, start, charmap (Windows). Graphic representation of all 255 characters of a given typeface. Moving the cursor over a character displays the keystroke combination used to produce that character. You may also copy and paste characters from a character set. Later version of Windows may display the hexadecimal code for the special character. If this happens, you may have to convert the code to ANSI value in order to use the keystroke combination to insert it into your document.
an internal table that the operating system uses to map symbols (letters, numerals and punctuation characters) to a character number
a simple structure that helps students with more than just asking questions and conducting historical research
In text-based computer graphics, a block of memory addresses that correspond to character spaces on a display screen. The memory allocated to each character space is used to hold the description of the character to be displayed in that space.
an excellent way to keep track of all the characters and their relationships to one another throughout the play