Definitions for "decode"
to convert from a coded form into the original form; -- of communications. Inverse of encode.
To convert an encoded message into the equivalent plain text.
interpret a sender's message (p. 114)
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See decompress.
The process of decompressing audio or video.
In multimedia, this term refers to decompressing a compressed file.
To ascertain the intended meaning of the individual characters or groups of characters in the pseudo-coded program.
means constructing meaning from text.
Literally, to decode means to translate a code into plain English. FTS takes the raw data that it captures and decodes it into it's native protocol. Data, as transmitted is a continuous stream of numbers. The meaning of these numbers may be very difficult to determine when looking at your data in it's crude form, but, when decoded, the significance of each byte is easily determined. FTS protocol decodes help to find errors or problems in a link in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take.
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To determine the meaning of a word, whether by sounding out letters (see Fonics), evaluating its context (see Hole Language), or being given the answer by a teacher or classmate
The ability to translate written forms into their corresponding speech sounds—for example, recognizing that represents /d/, represents /ŏ/, represents /g/, and therefore that combination of letters (--) is the word dog.
To use the alphabetic principle (that each letter represents a sound) to sound out the phonemes of a word and then blend those phonemes into a recognizable word.
A term used to describe the process of interpreting scanned or "read" information and presenting it in a usable fashion to the computer.
to interpret the meaning of the nonverbal behavior other people express, such as deciding that a pat on the back was an expression of condescension and not kindness
describes the receiver's frame of reference. The receiver will interpret the content, language and tone of sender through those cues and prompts embedded in the receiver.
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Oracle SQL function to handle conditional logic. Example: select decode(SEX, 'M', 'Male', 'F', 'Female', 'Unknown') from EMP;
DECODE is a single-row function in Oracle which applies conditional logic to SQL queries. This function works very much like an IF-THEN-ELSE statement.
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a web-zine for young people on the net
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Turning an audio file into raw format suitable for editing and playback.
v. to determine a key combination by physical measurement of a key and/or cylinder parts