Definitions for "Prompts"
Writing instructions used in the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, and in test practice, that instruct a student to write in a specific style.
Prompts are prerecorded messages or instructions in a voice messaging system that guide the caller through the system, e.g. “You may dial “0” at any time to reach an operator”.
Audio signals within a voice processing system that are designed to guide the caller through the system, i.e., "If you know your party's extension, you may enter it at any time during this message."
Additional information given so that respondents can answer questions more easily or more definitively, e.g. using photographs of front covers to remind them about a particular magazine or issue.
Point out information from the next mode of performance that have failed to capture or sustain attention.
The file name extension for a prompt database file, a binary file that contains all the prompt information and audio data for a prompt project. Compiled from a .promptdb file.