Definitions for "Compiled"
A subgraph may be compiled by an application using the compile method of the root node-a BranchGroup or a SharedGroup-of the graph. A compiled object is any object that is part of a compiled graph. An application can compile some or all of the subgraphs that make up a complete scene graph. Java 3D compiles these graphs into an internal format. Additionally, Java 3D provides restricted access to methods of compiled objects or graphs. See also live.
Keywords:  dll, usable, desktop, intermediate, exe
Term describing a file when the raw information, or source-code, has been organized into a usable format for your desktop (eg., DLL, EXE, and COM file-types).
Once third-generation languages have been translated into assembly code and then to machine code, they are said to have been compiled. Loosely, this could also be used to refer to any single intermediate step.