Definitions for "Transcoding"
The conversion of signals from one protocol to another e.g. H.323 to H.320
Converting a data stream from one format to another, such as MPEG 1 to H.263, or an H.320 videoconferencing session to H.323. [Source: York Telecom
The conversion of video signals with different Color TV System s but with the same scanning standard, for example PAL to SECAM or SECAM to PAL. Often used in North America (particularly Quebec) to mean Standards Conversion.
A more technical term would be "The reformatting of content, without changing the source, to another type of content - most often of a different format than the original.
Content adaptation to meet the specific capabilities of a client device.
Reformatting content to another type of content without changing the source.
Is the term to describe a mixed network conference (multisite) where the sites are connected over ISDN and IP.
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