Definitions for "videotape"
Keywords:  tape, magnetic, cassette, vtrs, helical
a video recording made on magnetic tape.
a relatively wide magnetic tape for use in recording visual images and associated sound.
A magnetic tape that may record and play back both picture and sound.
Videotape is an as yet unreleased Radiohead song, debuted during their 2006 tour. It is considered likely to appear on their next album.
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Medium (or mode) for delivery of a course. The course may consist only of the material on the videotape and may not be led by an instructor. Some video courses may be supplemented with a study guide and may require communication with an instructor.
an excellent tool for zeroing is on things you need to improve
an excellent way for you to see yourself as an employer would see you
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a far better way to reach people because they can hear me the same way as you are hearing me