Definitions for "EAC"
European Advisory Commission
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor. Any company other than the designated "official" contractor providing display installation and dismantling.
European Advisory Commision
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echelon above corps
echelons above corps
See Estimate at Completion.
Estimated Annual Consumption
Estimate at completion. A value expressed in either money and/or hours, to represent the projected final costs of work when completed. The EAC is calculated as ETC + ACWP.
Extended Access Control.
Electronic Air Cleaner. A device that uses the principle of electrical attraction, like a magnet, to collect airborne pollutants. As particles in the air stream approach the unit, a pre-charging section on the EAC gives them a positive charge. The charged particles then pass between a series of alternating plates, or electrodes. One of the series of plates has a positive charge and the other has the opposite charge. The plates with the positive charge repel and deflect the particles to the oppositely charged plates, where they are attracted and collected.
abb. electronic access control
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xact udio opy, a thorough program used for DAE under Windows. So many people now use this program for extraction that "EAC" is used as a verb, and sometimes almost interchangeably with DAE.
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Euro-Asia Centre
East African Co-operation
EAC or East Asia Crossing is a submarine telecommunications cable system interconnecting several countries in East Asia.
Enfermedad Arterial Coronaria
EuroAccessibility Consortium
Acronym for Getronics employee activity committee. Besides internal activities, they also foster Getronics employees helping in their external community.
Signature computed by an external entity (typically a terminal / host for a smart card).
External auditory canal. Ear canal external to the tympanic membrane.
U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Environmentally Assisted Cracking. A process that can occur with the use of high strength steel fasteners in which crack initiation and growth occurs in the fastener at a comparatively low stress level as a result of interactions that occur with the environment. Hydrogen is suspected of causing EAC in high strength steel fasteners, the hydrogen being produced as a result of chemical reactions (galvanic corrosion in a moist environment) or being present from a plating process that may have been applied to the fastener.
Executive Associate Commissioner
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Early American Coppers
Earnings Available for Common shareholders