Definitions for "Estimate at Completion"
Keywords:  eac, acwp, scope, vpm, forecasting
Actual cost of work complete d to date plus the predicted cost s and schedule for finish ing the remaining work. [D00614] VPM 291-4 value expressed in either dollars and/or hours, to represent the project ed final cost s of work when complete d. The EAC is calculated as ETC + ACWP. [D00615] WST The expected total cost of an activity group of activities, or of the project when the defined scope of work is complete d. Most technique s for forecasting EAC include some adjustment of the original cost estimate base d on project performance to date. Also shown as " estimate d at completion." Often shown as EAC = Actual s-to-date + ETC. See also earned value and estimate to complete. [D00616] PMK96
A value expressed in either money and/or hours, to represent the projected final costs of work when completed. The EAC is calculated as ETC + ACWP.
(EAC) The maximum value on the Control Panel Actual Cost gauge, which represents the current best estimate for total cost of the project.