Definitions for "Officers"
elected representatives of the union. The President of Local 13500 is Sandy Kmetyk and the Secretary-Treasurer is Terri Senich. There are five Executive-Vice Presidents: Julie DaLoisio (Central Division), Carol Coultas (Pittsburgh-Western Division), Jazmin Torres (Philadelphia Division), Richard Hunt (AT&T Division), and Michael McCalla (Eastern Division).
A Condominium Corporation’s Officers — the minimum being a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer — are elected by unit owners and/or mortgage lenders or selected from and by the members of the Corporation’s Board of Directors in accordance with procedures set out in the bylaws of the Condominium Corporation. The President chairs meetings of the Board or General Meetings of the Condominium Corporation membership and may cast a vote in Board decisions. The Secretary keeps the minutes of Board and General Meetings. The Treasurer ensures that proper financial records are maintained for the Corporation. See the Condominium Corporation’s bylaws for details on the titles and duties of the Officers.
Officers of a corporation are appointed by the board of directors to execute the policies that have been established by the board of directors. The officers include the chief executive officer (CEO), the chief operations officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), vice presidents, treasurer, secretary, and controller. To Top
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This field gives the names and positions of the company's executive officers. It also provides information regarding the company's transfer agent, state and date of incorporation, and a company contact.
This is a listing of the names and positions of the company's executive officers.