Definitions for "TCO"
Total Cost of Ownership (of an IT system). A frequently used measurement to assess the total cost of maintaining (or investing in a new) IT system, including hardware, software, installation and maintenance services, and the associated cost of the business process(es) that the IT system supports.
(n.) total cost of ownership.
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Tele Centro Oeste
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Tjänstemännens Central Organization. A standard set in 1991. It is even more stringent than MPR II, especially for alternating electric fields. Not only are the permitted field levels reduced compared with MPR II, but the measuring distance is reduced as well. TCO'95: Includes ergonomic and ecologic requirements. TCO'99: Further expends the ergonomic and ecologic requirements.
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TransCanada Options (the name is now changed to the CDCC)
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The Crescent Order. A popular player association begun early in SWG's production.
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TEMPEST control officer
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, which typically allows a new building to be occupied before it is fully complete and therefore requres life safety signs to be in place, to protect the public at large.
This phrase was coined by the creators of the Network Computer (NC) to describe the benefits of using a system that is more mainframe and less client/server....
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Taken care off
Taken care of
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