Definitions for "Exhibitor"
a company / person that owns cinema/s and rents first release films from distributors to screen in their theatres
The theater houses. The theatrical exhibitor is the link from filmmaker to its audience. They provide the screens to exhibit the film. Although the movie is the main attraction, the exhibitor derives the majority of its income through ancillary sources, the largest of which being the concession stand. Although the exhibitor never directly markets a film, the individual houses, based on the movies' performances, determine how long it will run.
A general term referring to an organisation responsible for showing films or video. Is used, together with 'producer' and 'distributor', as a way of describing the major functions and structure of the film industry.
means the owner(s) or handler who enters a dog in a working certificate test.
A person who brings a dog to a dog show and shows it in the appropriate class.
Same as Handler, Owner/Handler, Participant.
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A person who shows cats.
Someone who shows cats.
The owner of an exhibit (cat or kitten) at a cat show
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see Fanatic
Person, company, organization, or group displaying exhibits at trade shows or conventions to promote products and/or services.
One who displays in an exposition.
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Organization that has purchased a booth in the Resource Room
someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see
a person or a business with a booth at an event. Usually they will have items for sale. The term can refer to someone selling to anything from retail to food to craft to find art.
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Person showing a ct in competition
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One who exhibits.