Definitions for "Bittersweet Life"
a beautiful, wholly engaging cinematic experience
a complete cinematic experience and contains an ending that brings everything to a suitably bittersweet close
a success in its own right, hailed by critics as a dazzling neo-noir thriller, chocked full of breathtaking cinematography, intriguing characters, and an ample dosage of violence just for good measure
a very simple one and the characters display no depth or complexity as well
a fantastic movie and I second the recommendation
a film that manages to gives gangster film a new meaning
a movie that totally ignores its main character in the conventional way, while making his development the entire purpose of the film
a stylish story of a faithful underworld lieutentant who crosses his boss and ends up fighting for his life against his own gang
a strange wake-up call to the audiences immune to the intensity of firearms
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a new milestone for him in terms of acting and the roles he can take