Definitions for "Space Odyssey"
a classic movie filled with projections of the future, space travel and computers
a classic, period
a collapsed rendering of Spartacus (as the revolt begins, Douglas wields a club like a hominid), and the later film is entirely built up out of many other films
a countdown to tomorrow, a road map to human destiny, a quest for cuts ever conceived) into colonized space, and ultimately whisks astronaut Bowman (Keir
a countdown to tomorrow, a road map to human destiny, a quest for the infin
a departure from "Destination Moon's" optimistic, can-do attitude in its pessimism about the potential success or worth of any human endeavor
a journey into the future of man
a journey unlike any other
a supremely intriguing space-travel journey with a profound look at mankind's future
a great movie period
a kind of experiment in Visual Thinking
a movie that I've spent hours thinking about
a less complicated introduction to hyperspace travel that involves mysterious black 'monoliths' built by a supercivilization, which act as gateways to other locations in the galaxy or the universe
an extraordinary triumph in cinema history
a ready-made title for our tryst with the heavenly object of many a honeyed description
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a character in the storyline
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a glaring omission
an allegory, concerning what drives and influences man and the very definition of "man
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a matter of opinion