Definitions for "Alraune"
Alraune - The Legend and Fiction (German for Mandrake) is the name given to a female character in fiction.
Alraune is a 1918 science fiction horror film directed by Michael Curtiz and Edmund Fritz. Little is known about this film which is now believed to be lost. It is a variation on the original legend of Alraune in which a Mad Scientist creates a beautiful but demonic child from the forced union between a woman and a Mandrake root.
Alraune is a 1928 silent science fiction horror film directed by Henrik Galeen in which a prostitute is artificially inseminated with the semen of a hanged man. The story is based upon the legend of Alraune and the powers of the mandrake root to impregnate women. In this version the symbiosis caused by the sexual union between the human and the root causes the girl to kill all men who fall in love with her.