Definitions for "Roles"
A PeopleSoft system security feature which enables a PeopleSoft user to have one or more permission list allocated to his or her unique User ID.
A working description of a user. Roles are assigned rights.
Named groups of related privileges. You can grant roles to users or other roles.
The people in the online Commons group will be divided into "roles" with a specific job to fill. These roles include: project manager, architect, system analyst, use-case specifier, designer, implementor, CM manager, and tester.
Patterns of behavior that are systematically associated with some theatrical character, job assignment, or other socially recognized class. The Thinkerer, uses roles (Head Staff) to show common patterns of thinking. Head Staff
Many aspects of project work are done as a part- time responsibility. All method ologies recognize that the project manager and all other job title s are role definition s where the role is often fulfilled by a person who has other roles to fill simultaneously. [D03942] PNG
The behavior that is expected of people in standard situations.
the set of external expectations about a role incumbent's behaviour. These can be explicit as defined in a job description or can be implicit and acquired through observation and internalization. Although roles are essentially seen as external to individuals they can exert a powerful influence on behaviour and may, through internalization, impact on an individual's attitudes, values, and even personality.
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plural of role.
A category related to access or functionality.  Examples:  Information Provider, Information Consumer Shortcut - Placing a link to a Report Object from the Master Catalog in one's Personal Catalog.
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a function we serve, or a part we play, in order to make something work. For example, the role of the teacher is to teach.
Describes how people fit into work flow