Definitions for "Logon"
Keywords:  password, login, logoff, bbs, verb
The process of connecting to a BBS. "Logon" can include the process of entering your name and password.
The process of identifying oneself to a computer after connecting to it over a communications line. Also called: login.
special process resulting in user authentication into the OS according to the user name and the password. After successful completion of this process, the user gains access to the OS according to the rights granted to that user.
Keywords:  logwatch
Procedure to initiate on-line consultation to download results from an Argos processing center. Comprises a dialog in which you give your UserName and UserPassword.
Command on the File menu used to connection to OCLC Connexion (integrated online cataloging service).
Keywords:  adjective
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The process of connecting to a network or remote system. | fran├žais
To connect to the Internet or some other computer system
To sign on to a computer system.
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a license to use the site for a period of time