Definitions for "Login"
When a user tries to gain access to the Internet through their host computer, they must Login with their password and User ID
the procedure by which users gain access to a server or a secure Web site; usually the user must enter a specific user name and password
connecting to a computer involves typing a user name and a password before access is given - you can log into remote computers on the Internet using Telnet or FTP
The NetWare command used to log in to a NetWare network.
A procedure that obtains and validates a login name to provide context for subsequent operations. This specification does not specify a login program or login command, but Login Facility and Security Client Daemon (SCD) does list the typical behaviour of such a program or command.
This is a passive command that allows the player to join a game.
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an official Ubuntu Package
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a great use of POST, because it changes the state of the server, and the results of URI requests would return different information after logging in
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a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for that individual member, and no other, to
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Starting a TS session by typing a disk name at the login: prompt
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a license to use a members area of the Site for a period of time
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