Definitions for "RAC"
The NIH committee that advises the NIH director on approval of Public Health Service supported gene therapy protocols.
Regional Advisory Committee. A committee, located in each of the Medicaid managed care service delivery areas, that is comprised of consumers, providers, community leaders and others with an interest in Medicaid managed care. The committees provide an opportunity for the community to have input into the Texas Medicaid managed care programs and assist in devising local solutions to issues or problems.
Range Advisory Council
Right Atrial Catheter. Usually a triple-lumen Hickman catheter designed for long-term use to give drugs and intravenous nutrition and to withdraw blood samples.
Right atrial catheter. A catheter passed under the skin of the chest wall and inserted into the right chamber of the heart. Used in BMT patients to give medicines and fluids. Designed for long term use in giving drugs and total parenteral nutrition, and in withdrawing blood samples, (also known as central venous catheter).
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rec.arts.comics, the now-defunct original home of the LNH. It survives as a bleak desert of lost posts and half-destroyed reality. It was destroyed in the Great RMGrouping of '92.
Abbreviation for remote access controller.
TM Remote Access Concentrator. Bay Networks Versalar products, the Model 8000 system and Model 5399 module are dial-in remote access servers. Both support up to 48 T1 modems or 62 E1 modems and have x2 or K56flex capability, featuring industry-leading dial access density, call management, and BayDSP modem technology. See also BayDSP TM, Versalar TM.
Remote Adjudications Center
Registered Acupuncturist. Licensure title used in some states for professional acupuncturists instead of Lac.
Retirement annuity contracts. these allow individuals to make contributions to a pension scheme (funds managed by an insurance company) and obtain full tax relief on the contributions. No new contracts have been permitted since 1988 (when personal pensions were introduced) but owners of earlier contracts can continue to invest in them. The key advantage for these older contracts is that there is no limit to the net relevant earnings on which the contributions can be paid and there is considerable scope to make large one-off contributions to utilise unused contribution limits brought forward from earlier years.
Retirement Annuity Contract. The forerunner to the Personal Pension Plan, although there are differences between the two e.g. in terms of contributions and availability of cash sums. New RAC contracts no longer available, but existing contract may continue.
Recreation and Athletics Centre, entrance through archway at 40 and 50 Gould Street
TaylorMade's rac(tm) technology helps to channel impact energy to strategic areas of the clubhead, promoting an outstanding feel. It is the base technology of all of TaylorMade's irons.
the abbreviation for The Rubber Association of Canada.
Railway Association of Canada
Radio Amateurs of Canada, a national amateur radio organization in Canada.
signaling protein in the membrane or cytoplasm. A GTPase linked to rounded cell movement.
Reflective Acoustic Coupling; a type of surface acoustic wave device in which the acoustic signal undergoes a reflection.
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Raytheon Aircraft Company
RAC Is The Nationwide Organization of Independent Appraisers Who Are Trained Professionals In Relocation Appraising. Each member of RAC must: Have attended a minimum of 10 hours of relocation-related courses within the last three years. Provide at least three references from management level relocation clients. Provide three ERC or equivalent appraisal to demonstrate the member's understanding and ability to apply ERC appraisal guidelines, including forecasting.
Resource Allocation and Control system (subsystem of LCRM)
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Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services (in AIP)
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Royal Automobile Club
Relative Amplitude Coefficient
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Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Recognize, Assess, and Control hazards in the workplace
A free IBM utility from that executes RACF commands in a z/OS Unix System Services environment.
Rental Adjustment Commission
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Real Application Cluster
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