Definitions for "Advisory Council"
a group of people appointed to review counseling program results and to make recommendations
a group of volunteers who make up the governing body of the organization
a pan-Canadian inter-disciplinary group of practitioners, academic and policy experts that help CPHA realize its vision, mission and goals by providing the Board of CPHA with strategic advice and counsel
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A voluntary group of citizens who provide information, guidance, advice, and support to the Area Agencies on Aging to develop, coordinate, and administer services to elders. The Department of Elder Affairs also has an advisory council as do some service providers.
A Council of Reference for ABWE International...they meet two times per year
See WTI Advisory Council.
an optional committee that can advise the board or staff on specific issues
Chartered NIH institute advisory committee that performs second-level review, makes funding and policy recommendations, and helps develop research initiatives.