Definitions for "Also"
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synagogue, church) A legislative and judicial body from the period of early Judaism and into rabbinic times. Traditionally composed of 71 members.
a federation member of the National School Boards Association
a founding member of the Texas Buddhist Council and member of Interfaith
an excellent Firewall and I think this is totally enough
an excellent option for those patients with blue toe syndrome from severe ulcerogenic aortoiliac atherosclerosis that involves only the infrarenal aorta and common iliac arteries
an excellent resource on Vatican and Catholic developments generally
VMI) Retailers and suppliers work together to reduce the level of stock holding and to improve the availability of products in their supply chain. Sales forecasts and promotional plans are shared and discussed so that the precise amount of stock is available at the retailer's RDC.
a supplier of another precious commodity -- water -- to communities throughout Central Texas, generating electricity from the hydrogeneration units takes a backseat to providing water, said Wes Birdwell, LCRA's manager of river operations
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a dealer rep for Chromsys Prep and Load Autosamplers For HPLC and GC Systems
Quran): See under Abraham; Muhammad, the Prophet. (1b) The holy book of the Moslems containing the Messages given by God to Mohammed. (Gr) The Holy Book of the Moslems. (L)(N4)
a critic of the indiscriminate application of structural adjustment formulas that end up negatively affecting the poorest stratum of Latin America's population
a division of the Soaring Society of America (SSA)
a primary lobbying force for the general aviation population
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an active supporter of CWD research and works with state wildlife agencies to inform and educate the public on issues pertaining to white-tailed deer
an effective tool for government contractors to research government programs and activities, as well as learn about competitors
Joint Research Councils and AHRB Dual Support reform webpage which contains links to the requirements, terms and conditions for submitting grant proposals on a fEC basis from 1 st September 2005, published jointly by the Research Councils and the Arts & Humanities Board (AHRB).
a major air cargo trans-shipment centre, rivalling the Halifax International Airport in terms of tonnage shipped
a major provider of educational courses and materials for continuing professional education, which is required by most jurisdictions for the continued licensing of CPAs and membership in the AICPA
a major structural component of the retina of the eye and is essential for normal visual function
a contrast, as both the primary wealth producing intuition in the country, and the strongest source of support for President Hugo Chavez's revolutionary changes
an underlying technique IBM is using to help enhance collaboration for on demand business
a powerful antioxidant and is second only to glutathione in this respect
Enhances circulation and blood formation Important for proper digestion Has positive effect on energy, growth, normal appetite and learning capacity Has antioxidant properties to protect from aging, alcohol consumption and smoking
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a linchpin of Bauer's latest work with the FAA
a connection between alumni and the university
a partner in National Dairy)
a partner in PRS, a calendar-year partnership, which owns a grocery store
a component in the manufacturing process of fluoropolymers and can be present in trace amounts in fluorinated telomers
a defendant in a number of Federal and state court actions filed by patients and/or payers, alleging, in general, improper and fraudulent billing, overcharging, coding and physician referrals, as well as other violations of law
a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and, therefore, can credibly speak for the Secretary of Defense in interagency and in international meetings
a means of assisting gay community events and in offering retirees ways to volunteer and share their expertise
an Intel Premier Provider, a distinction reserved for Web integrators that deliver a level of expertise and a range of networking and Intel processor-based solutions that are among the best in the industry
an active participant in and an advocate of the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations and the National Association of
an important part of the national dissemination strategy
a repository for Saudi Arabian coins, both modern and historic
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In addition; besides; as well; further; too.
in addition; "he has a Mercedes, too"
a blend of credit risk modeling results and supervisory judgment
an important component of Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and in enterprise IT because it provides the framework that unites the business model with the applications that provide the functions required
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In like manner; likewise.
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a state that hosts a lot of truckers
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a babrbaric organization whom WILL animal test things that they regulate
a training ground for SCBA Certified Judges
an established player in the American Indian gaming community
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a good stuff (which will take some time to incorporate into standard specs)
a law enforcement agency
a leading consultant to government agencies in the area of Affirmative Action program development and implementation
an agency of innovation in telecommunications and information services
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Guild Master. The leader of a guild. Also known as Guild Leader.
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airborne control system
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a factor the team must consider
a team sponsor
an arbitrator between the QC functions and production departments
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a foundation element of the suite
a space for integration, not one required to deal with commercial aspects alone
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a dust cover for the unit
The minimum amount in fees and percentages charged by a merchant services provider in a given month. If account activity does not generate the monthly minimum, the account holder must make up the difference.
financial condition examination, market conduct examination, and on-site regulatory examination.
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a Three Character Acronym
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gold top)
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Even as; as; so.
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a possibility
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A second Internet address for more information on this data layer or the data set it comes from.
a database program so records can be stored and searched