Definitions for "Judges"
There are three types of judges in a competition. Stroke judges ensure that each swimmer uses the correct stroke for each race. Turning judges observe all turns and relay take overs. Placing judges decide the order of finishing and act as turning judges at the finishing end. Judges have the power to disqualify swimmers who infringe the ASA Laws and Technical Rules.
At swim meets there are Stroke Judges, Turn Judges, or Stroke & Turn Judges. The stroke judge evaluates strokes and turn judges evaluate the turns. Improper stroke and or turns will result in the judge raising his/her arm for swimmer disqualification (DQ) from the race. All judges are certified through USA Swimming.
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the charismatic and prophetic leaders of the people of Israel during the time between the entry into the Promised Land under Joshua (ca. 1200 BCE) and the rise of the Israelite monarchy under Saul (ca. 1000 BCE). Most were both religious and military leaders. Some of the most famous judges were Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and Samuel.
a book of the Old Testament that tells the history of Israel under the leaders known as judges
Officials in a tournament responsible for upholding the spirit and the rules determined by the sponsor. Charnay and King René both refer to the judges as diseurs.
Judges are appointed by Tournament/League Officials to enforce the Playing Rules of the game, and to help resolve any questions that may arise during the event. (See GUIDELINE PART I, #4)
additional officials who assist the referee in detecting illegal or invalid actions, such as floor judges or hand judges.
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In Oregon, the constitution provides that judges of the Supreme Court and other courts shall be elected by the legal voters of the state or of their respective districts for a term of six years, that their compensation shall not be diminished, and that they shall retire at 75 years of age. All judges must be citizens of the United States, residents of Oregon for three years (exceptions noted below), and members of the Oregon State Bar. Supreme Court judges, at the time of their election, must have been admitted to practice before the Oregon Supreme Court. District judges are required to be residents of the county only, unless they are elected in counties with over 500,000 population. In that case, they must be residents for three years. There are no requirements that county judges, municipal judges or justices of the peace be lawyers.
The arrangements for the appointment and removal of Scottish judges are set out in section 95 of the Scotland Act 1998. Under these provisions, the Scottish Parliament has a key role in the procedures for the removal of a judge of the Court of Session or of the Chairman of the Scottish Land Court. The Scottish Parliament's powers to summon witnesses or demand the production of documents cannot be imposed on a judge of any court (section 23(7)(a) of the 1998 Act).
Judges are professionals from our area who make business decisions every day. They'll make their decisions by reading your business plans, by observing your Final Round presentation and your responses during the questions and answer session. Click here for the 2004 judges.
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Goal judges are positioned behind each goal to signal whether a goal has been scored. Hard hats are worn for protection.