Definitions for "ICH"
International Conference on Harmonization
International Committee on Harmonization.
International Conference of Harmonization
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An abbreviation for intracranial hemorrhage.
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to IDV
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In silico In vitro
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The fish parasite Ichthyophthirius. The main symptom of infection is small white spots on the body of the fish, like grains of salt. Also called White Spot disease.
A very common parasitic disease characterized by white salt-like specks all over the fish.
Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Institute of Curative Hypnotherapy
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infectious canine hepatitis
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Information Clearing House
IATA Clearing House.
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Inventory Collaboration Hub
Internet Content Host. An ICH is a person who hosts Internet content, or who proposes to host Internet content. Source: Australian Broadcasting Authority - What is an ICH