Definitions for "FCI"
Federal Correctional Institution
The Federation Cynologique Internationale FH - Fahrtenhund: Advanced Tracking Degree - Gut: Good - a rating given at conformation shows.
Federation Cynologique International Tell me more
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A measure of linear density of magnetic recording. See also BPI.
Flux Changes per Inch. See also BPI.
Acronym for flux changes per inch.
Facility Condition Index. FCI is a standard facility management parameter that is used to assess the condition of a building asset, and is defined as the ratio of current year renewal cost against current building replacement value. This is a value generated from a CMMS software system.
Facility control indicator. An option of the ASSIGN command, which returns a value indicating the type of facility associated with the transaction (e.g. a terminal).
forward call indicator
Full configuration interaction. A CI that includes all possible determinants. FCI is the best wavefunction (and provides the lowest variational energy) obtainable using a given basis set. Almost never affordable.
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Freight Carriage and Insurance
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Food Corporation of India