Definitions for "CSA"
acronym for the Confederate States of America.
ACRONYM - Canadian Standards Association ( 099)
Canadian Securities Administrators. CSA is a forum for the 13 securities regulators of Canada's provinces and territories to coordinate and harmonize regulation of the Canadian capital markets.
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cyclosporine A
cyclosporin A
Community Shared Agriculture. This is a system of farming in which members pay a farmer for a full share or a half share and receive delivery of produce once a week for the growing season. Members are welcome to volunteer at the CSA and take part in the process of production. Companion Planting It has been shown by various research that plants have increased growth and health when they live beside certain plants. To maximize plant productivity and health, plants that are known to benefit from each other are planted side by side.
Community Supported Agriculture. programs enable farms to share the risk and abundance of producing food with the consumer by selling consumers a share of the season's harvest in the springtime and then supplying the consumers with weekly produce rations throughout the harvest season.
Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is a paid subscription to a farm where people buy a share of the farm and are provided with a variety of fruits and vegetables in return according to what is in season on a routine basis. This is an excellent way to build a relationship with a farmer and support local agriculture.
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Connection and Streaming Architecture. Kernel-mode streaming in WDM.
CallPath Services Architecture. A family of computer-specific APIs developed by IBM to provide mapping between ASAI and several IBM computer operating systems for IBM mainframes, minicomputers, and PS/2.
See CallPath Services Architecture.
Army Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff of the Army
Chief Scientific Adviser
Child Support Agency Website
Children's Savings Account. As proposed by CFED and the Center for Social Development (CSD), CSAs would be established at birth for every child in the U.S., extend to age 18, and would receive deposits from both public and private sources.
Chronic Substance Abusers
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Centre de stockage de l'Aube; a surface storage center for radioactive wastes, belonging to Andra
Common System Area. A major CICS control block used to control the operation of CICS. Common System Area. A major MVS storage area, below the 16mb line, containing pageable system data areas addressable by all active virtual address spaces.
corps storage area
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anadian tandards ssociation
Jewellery Council of South Africa GTL Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
Cricket South Africa
Council for Scottish Archaeology. A charitable organisation established to preserve and promote archaeology in Scotland.
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Computer Sciences of Australia Pty Ltd. 460 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065. Tel (02) 901 1111.
Acronym]. Controlled Substance Act (1970)
Acronyms for configuration status accounting. [IEEE Stds Glossary
CSA is an acronym for Customer Service Agent and Jameson’s are the best examples of their kind in the industry. CSA’s will deliver your funds, initiate your wire transfers, deposit funds into your account, and provide other service; all with prompt, professional and personalized attention. Jameson CSA’s are highly skilled and motivated service specialists who will strive to make your foreign exchange experience pleasant and convenient. And all of this is at no extra charge.
A local exchange carrier service area designed and built to keep the local loop at less than 12,000 feet. ConnectTime DSL service originates from many of the CSAs in North Pittsburgh Telephone Company territory.
Carrier Serving Area.
County Service Area. Areas or zones within counties, created to provide services and/or improvements to area and zone inhabitants. County Service Areas are created to provide for numerous projects, including, but not limited to street, road, and sewer improvements, park and recreation improvements, lighting and other infrastructure. See our County Service Area fact sheet for more information.
The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord. A survivalist group that in the mid-1980s acquired a large drum of cyanide which they intended to use to poison water supplies in major US cities.
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chlorosulphonic acid
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Central Sleep Apnea. a type of sleep apnea in which the brain briefly stops sending messages to the muscles to continue breathing, causing a pause in breath during sleep.
Customer Supplier Agreement
Customer Service Adviser. An employee of AIB authorised to provide assistance to the user in relation to AIB Phone & Internet Banking.
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cross sectional areas
Cross-sectional Area (CSA) is the measurement of the area of a section formed by a plane cutting through an object, usually at right angles to an axis. For example, the cross-section of a muscle can be imaged using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The cross section can be measured to determine the area and volume of the muscle.
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Crime Scene Attendant
Refers to a Celestial Sensor Assembly.
Comprehensive Services Act for Youth and Families
Clinical Skills Assessment
Control Self Assessment
Corporate System Application. See Enterprise Resource Planning
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See "Children's Savings Account."
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Controlled Substances Act
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Call signal address.