Definitions for "CBA"
Canadian Bankers Association. Established in 1891, the CBA is the main representative body for banks in Canada. It provides its members — the chartered banks of Canada — with information, research, advocacy and operational support services. The CBA also provides information to the public on banking and financial issues and is one of the founding members of the Financial Services OmbudsNetwork.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
China Basketball Association
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Contractual employment agreement between the GTFF and the University.
Collective Bargaining Agreement. A bi-lateral agreement or contract that comes out of negotiations between an employer and a union. It sets out the conditions of employment (wages, hours, fringe benefits, etc.) and ways to settle disputes arising during the term of the contract. Collective bargaining agreements usually run for a definite period; e.g., one, two, or three years.
Collective Bargaining Agreement; also known as "Labor Agreement" or "Union Contract". See Cornell's "LABOR CONTRACT DATABASE" at
Community Based Alternatives. This Medicaid waiver program provides home and community-based services to aged and disabled adults as a cost-effective alternative to nursing facility care.
Cocoa Butter Alternative. Any of a number of specialty fats designed to replace some or all of the cocoa butter in confectionery applications. This group of fats is frequently categorized on the basis of the dominant properties of the source of oils present.
Community-Based Alternatives.  Previously known as the Nursing Facility Waiver.  See page 17 for description.
Cost–benefit assessment
Cost-Benefit Analysis — An analysis that weighs costs against benefits, usually with both costs and benefits quantified in the same measurement units, such as dollars. In contrast, see CEA.
Cost Benefit Analysis. A tool of economic analysis where the costs of any existing or proposed policy or action are weighed up against the benefits.
urriculum ased ssessment: A methodology of increasing importance in special education in which a child's progress in the curriculum is measured at frequent intervals.
Colspan br b Capital Builder Account
Capital Builder Account. A Merrill Lynch brokerage account that allows investors to access the loan value of his or her eligible securities to buy or sell securities. Excess cash in a CBA can be invested in a money market fund or an insured money market deposit account without losing access to the money.
Council for British Archaeology. A charitable _rganization established to preserve and promote archaeology in England and Wales.
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(Crane Boom Abutment). The structure that keeps the butt of the crane boom in place and still allows it to swivel. I used a few different CBAs during the lifetime of my crane. You can see a CBA at the upper right of this picture of my brother John.
Collagen binding assay (von Willebrand factor)
College of Business Administration
Customer Business Analyst
Capacity Building Assistance; see TA
Computer-Aided (or computer-assisted) Instruction; see Computer-Based Training.
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competency based assessment.
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Chemical blowing agent
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Central Base Area
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Call Book Address