Definitions for "NAA"
Nucleic acid amplification. A laboratory method used to target and amplify a single DNA or RNA sequence for detecting and identifying (typically) a microorganism. NAA tests for M. tuberculosis complex are sensitive and specific; they can accelerate confirmation of pulmonary TB disease.
nucleic acid amplification. A method for amplifying DNA or RNA that facilitates rapid detection of microorganisms.
National Archives of Australia
State or National Nonattainment Area
National Auctioneers Association which is an organization of over 6,000 auctioneers and headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.
Nederlands Audio-visueel Archief
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NAA is a radio station in Cutler, Maine, operated by the United States Navy. It is a very low frequency station, sending a continuous signal at 24.0kHz..
NEUTRON ACTIVATION ANALYSIS. The process of activating materials by neutron absorption then measuring the emission of characteristic photons on decay to determine the relative abundance of elements in an object.
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North American Aviation, Inc.
Newspaper Association of America.
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Neighborhood Assistance Act
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Next Available Agent. A strategy for selecting an agent to handle a call. The strategy seeks to maintain an equal load across skill groups or services.