Definitions for "NSO"
Non-Qualified Stock Option. A type of employee stock option which is less advantageous...
Nonqualified Stock Option. See .Nonstatutory Stock Option..
Nonstatutory Stock Option. A stock option plan that gives an employee the opportunity to buy the employer corporation's stock at a fixed price for a certain period of time, without the conditions that apply to an incentive stock option.
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The Nso are a people of the Grasslands region in the Northwest Province of Cameroon. Their traditional language is Lamnso (language of Nso) and their capital is Kumbo. Both the people and the capital are sometimes referred to as Banso (people of Nso) - the addition of the Ba prefix is attributed to the Fulani conquerors in the 17th century; the prefix resonates in the names of towns around the area.
National Occupational Standards
No Surface Occupancy: No structures may be built or placed within an area classified as NSO. The RMP for a particular area should delineate the oil and gas categories throughout the area ranging from Category I-IV, where: I - open, II - restricted, III - NSO, and IV - no leasing.
No Surface Occupancy. A fluid minerals leasing constraint that prohibits occupancy or disturbance on all or part of the lease surface to protect special values or uses. Lessees may exploit the fluid mineral resources under the leases restricted by this constraint through use of directional drilling from sites outside the NSO area. NSO stipulations are described by resource concern in Appendix D.
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Large chiefdom
(Non-Subscriber Order) An order placed by a person who is not a registered MERX Public Tenders subscriber. For more information please see “Why Subscribe?”.
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This term hasn't been defined yet
ordinary income overlapping debt