Definitions for "CPA"
The price paid for each visitor's actions from a paid search.
Acronym for Cost Per Action, referring to the model of having an advertiser pay only when a user purchases something at the advertiser's website. CPC
Cost Per Action – Same as CPL/PPL – Advertiser only pays when a desired action is achieved (sometimes called cost per acquisition).
Certified Public Accountant. An individual who has received state certification to practice accounting.
a certified public accountant; an accountant certified by the state.
The Commonwealth Public Account.
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Canadian Payments Association. A financial network established in 1980 to operate a national clearing and settlement system.
Composite Panel Association. An association of North American producers of MDF, Particleboard, and Agrifiber panels located at 18928 Premiere Court, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20875. (
Canadian Poetry Association
conditioned play audiometry. Technique used to screen or evaluate hearing which includes conditioning the child to perform a task (e.g., drop a block into a bucket) in response to a sound.
Child Protective Agency
CONDITION PLAY AUDIOMETRY-. In play audiometry the audiologist helps the child understand the rules for playing a game. For example, when the child is presented with a sound he or she is to drop a block into a container, indicating that the sound was heard. Play audiometry is generally used when the child is at least 18 months old
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ertified ublic ccountant.
A diagrammatic technique for analysing the dependencies between project tasks and determining those that must be completed on time if the project itself is to be completed on time. Also called PERT or Network Analysis. From Bennet et al
Current Position Analysis.
Contemporaneous period analysis. Also known as what-if or but-for evaluations. CPA breaks the construction period into discreet time periods and examines the delays as project participants would have (Schumacher, 1995).
Community Preservation Act. The CPA was established by the state in 2000 to permit communities to levy a property tax surcharge of up to three percent for the purpose of creating a local community preservation fund which qualifies for matching state funds. CPA funds can be used to acquire and protect open space, preserve historic buildings and landscapes, and create and maintain affordable housing. Annually, at least ten percent of the funds must be used for each of these purposes; the remaining 70 percent may be allocated among the three areas or may be set aside for future spending. Harvard voted to adopt the CPA in 2001, and the surcharge amount was set at 1.1%.
Commission on Preservation and Access URL:
Commission on Preservation and Access (US based Commission - see also ECPA)
losest oint of pproach The nearest distance and direction in which two vessels will pass, according to precalculations based on the speed and course of each.
Cooperative Project Assurance
A CPA (Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria), or Agricultural Production Cooperative, is a type of agricultural cooperative that exists in Cuba today.
Compulsory Purchase Annuity is the payment of a regular income by a life company to the policy holder in exchange for a lump sum either for life or shorter periods.
Compulsory Purchase Annuity. The form of annuity contract purchased by pension schemes.
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Call Processing Adjunct. The signaling gateway that processes call control signals for a residential gateway (RGW) such as the Cisco uBR925 cable access router.
Comprehensive Performance Assessment
Care Program Approach
Closest Point of Approach
n]: Crooked Practices Allowed (as applied to certain former Arthur Andersen partners and others)
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Copolymer alloy.
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Cumbria Police Authority
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Cider Painters of America RWS Royal Society of Painters in Water Colour
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Combat Poverty Agency (RoI)
Clinical Pathology Accreditation
Certainty Producing Arguments. (Also deductive arguments.) These arguments are intended to produce their conclusions with certainty. If the reasons of a CPA are true, then the conclusion must be true, if the CPA is a good one. The standard used to distinguish good CPAs from bad is validity.
Coalition Provisional Authority
Centre for Policy on Ageing
Centre for Policy Alternatives
Competition Principles Agreement.
Collaboration Protocol Agreement
Content Provider Access; enables content providers to charge users for content services supplied to them via a mobile operator's customers, where the mobile operator handles all end-user invoicing.
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Civil Partnership Act
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Channel Port Adapter.
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Church Planting Assistant
is about helping Councils deliver better services to local communities. All Councils in the country are subject to the CPA
Continuous Partial Attention
California Power Administration
indicates a product is co-detailed by a second sales force.