Definitions for "Accreditation"
Proof that a college or program meets educational standards established by government or professional organizations.
Relates in this context to programmes that have been certified as meeting acceptable standards/criteria of an institution or organisation.
Acceptance by professional bodies of academic programmes for exemption from part or all of their registration requirements. Also, formal procedures giving students certification after completion of studies, e.g. a certificate, a diploma, or a degree.
a form of certification granted to an organisation under the Rail Safety Act by the Department of Transport that confers on the organisation the status of an operator.
a comprehensive process that involves scrutiny of governance, fiscal management, human resources management, service delivery and commitment to quality improvement
Accreditation is the process by which a certification body is authorised to assess a management system against a particular standard, such as ISO 14001. Accreditation does NOT apply to certification itself! Accreditation involves checking that the certification body's formula for assessing a company is in line with the relevant ISO guidelines. In other words, an accreditation body is tasked with checking that certification bodies are capable of providing accredited certification. Accreditation bodies are also subject to scrutiny and are overseen by the International Accreditation Forum.
Accreditation is a voluntary process whereby a school commits to continuous school improvement and evaluation by peers. Accredited status indicates that a school has clearly defined appropriate objectives, has established conditions under which they can be achieved, is working toward achieving the objectives now, and should be able to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
a non-governmental process which plays an
The process of being inspected by a neutral and controlling third party authority (e.g. JCAHO).
a mandatory or desirable requirement
a rigorous, two-tiered process of code and regulatory compliance and continuous professional development of staff that advertising agencies are required to undertake each year to become "AFA Accredited" and allow them to use the certification trademark
(97) - indicates document containing information about compliance with accreditation requirements [listed in electronic versions only].
The procedure by which a country requests the agreement of the receiving country for the posting of an Ambassador and gives its officers diplomatic rights and standing to conduct business in the receiving country.
Project validators and credit verifiers will need to be accredited if their professional services are to be used by project developers to secure Kyoto compliant carbon credits.
a highly prized indication of law enforcement excellence
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Accreditation conveyed by the E-Government Unit of the State Services Commission, acting on behalf of the S.E.E. Manager, that an Accredited Supplier's Accredited Software passes the S.E.E. Mail Tests and its management procedures are satisfactory for the continued secure operation of S.E.E. Mail. "Accredited" shall have a corresponding meaning.
a commitment to staff training and child development issues
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a complex and fast-changing issue
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The act of accrediting; as, letters of accreditation.