Definitions for "CORPORATE AUTHOR"
A body, such as a government or governmental department, institution, society, corporation, etc. which authorizes the publication of materials and under the name of which, as author, the materials will be entered in a catalog. In the online catalog, an Author search should be done to find corporate authors.
An organization which is responsible for the written material. Some examples are companies, conferences, government agencies, associations, etc.
Corporate body credited with authorship of a published work. A Corporate Body is a group of persons identified by name which acts as a single entity. Corporate bodies include associations, conferences, institutions, business firms, and government agencies.
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May appear on the Publisher & Ordering Info tab. Refers to an organization or body that sponsors the editorial content of a serial, although their primary purpose is not publishing.
name(s) of the organization(s) responsible for the content of the publication described
All or part of the name of a corporate group responsible for creating a library resource.
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a group or organization