Definitions for "Competent Authority"
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The London Stock Exchange, which has been designated as the competent authority under the Financial Services Act 1986 for the purpose of regulating companies which are seeking an official listing.
a government agency or agencies responsible for regulating biotechnology, biosafety, intellectual property rights and other relevant aspects. [BSWG/2/5: FAO Draft International Code of Conduct for Plant Biotechnology as it Affects the Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources
The body appointed by each national government within the EU to enforce compliance with the MDD in that country.
A necessary condition under the Just War Theory to lead a nation into war. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children when their destruction is decided upon by minors or individuals who are sadly and often deliberately ignorant of the nature of the act.
The entity which approves the CA's infrastructure and practices (including the accredited documents and any changes to them) as meeting the criteria for Gatekeeper accreditation.
Any Minister, government department, public or statutory undertaker, public body or person holding a public office that exercises legislative powers.
A term used within Directives produced by the Euro... Add a comment
a person who is the program/project manager for or has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter