Definitions for "Learning Outcome"
A statement of what a student should understand and be able to do as a result of what he or she has learned in a course or learning program ... in other words, "the essential and enduring knowledge, abilities, and attitudes or dispositions" that enable a student to practice and apply her learning in the real world. Synonyms: learning goal, competency, ability.
a clear, simple and precise statement that describes what the student will be able to do once they have worked through the unit
a description of what concepts, knowledge, skills and values learners should know and be able to do
A specific learning objective identified within a jurisdiction’s curriculum framework.
a statement of an intended result of learning and teaching
An increased knowledge or ability resulting from an activity or goal. Learning outcomes are documented on learning and development records.~ more information: Learning and Development Record
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What the pupils will have learned or gained at the end of a lesson or scheme of work.
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an expected result of learning.