Definitions for "Lesson Plan"
a blueprint/guide for a lesson
a document that outlines the lesson content and other activities related to the lesson
an outline of the content of a lesson and is used by a trainer as a guide to delivery of the training material
Lesson Plan is a database program to edit daily and weekly lesson plans for your classroom. It is also being designed to be integrated with a wiki at www.lessonplan
a detailed record of what a teacher does step by step during the period
a written plan that describes the material to be covered in a specific training session
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a statement of what learners will be taught
a critical component of developing an IVC class session
An over-ambitious document that you give your DOS before an observed lesson.
a working document
A writing noting the method of delivery, and the specific goals and timelines associated to the delivery of lesson content.
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a framework for a lesson
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a written account of the preparation for a lesson