Definitions for "Study guide"
any one of several specific sets of suggestions to help students in the efficient examination and comprehension of subject matter content. a commercially prepared guide to develop skills and strategies necessary for effective reading or "an understanding of a significant segment of a content area" (Wood et al., 1992).
A guide to a particular book or to a field of study; meant for student use. Very often it will accompany a particular textbook. Does not apply to substantial works of interpretation or criticism that may stand alone.
a print-based, content specific guide that is designed and written by the Content Expert
a division of iStudent Recruiters, LLC
a definate good idea as is Harris' book on arboriculture
a good supplement
a series of observations and questions designed to be used with a specific book
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an invaluable Cisco training kit
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a snapshot of a test taker's exam
List of reference sources, general and discipline specific, which can be used as aids to research.