Definitions for "Kit "
the costume worn by the dancers. Each team designs its own kit, which usually starts with a white shirt and leather pads covered with bells and (sometimes) ribbons. Everything else is variable and distinctive of a team. In Cotswold morris, dancers wear white or color trousers or britches ("knickers" for you Yanks), and either a colored vest or tunic or baldrics (ribbons crossed over the chest) with arms and legs decorated with bright ribbons. In Border morris, the kit is a bit wilder and usually consists of strips of cloth, usually called tatters or rags, sewn all over a shirt, jacket and/or trousers. Dancers often "black up" -- ie, wear black face as a form of ritual disguise. In this age of political correctness, however, many teams skip this or else wear clown makeup or masks instead
A morris dancer's costume.
A game kit is the PCB with one or more items. A complete kit would contain everything but the game cabinet proper (PCB, CPO, Side Art, Marquee, Bezel, wiring harness). Partial kits are the norm, usually a PCB and a marquee.
A collection of tools or other objects to be used for a specific purpose, often contained in a box which may be carried conveniently; a working outfit, as of a workman, a soldier, and the like; as, a plumber's kit; a doctor's kit; a cosmetic kit; a first-aid kit.
General name for equipment, especially nice shiny equipment, leading to the comment "That's a nice bit of kit"
In the United Kingdom, the collection of apparel and boots (or trainers, as appropriate) for athletic participation: gym kit, soccer kit, and so on. If the stockist is busy, one has to wait in queue to buy their kit.
Components of an assembly that have been pulled from stock and readied for movement to the assembly area. [APIC]. A kit is a collection of carefully identified and controlled items used to build a module, subassembly or assembly. Kit items are usually kept in a box or bag and labeled. [SAMA].
The components of an assembly, which have been pulled from stock and packaged for use. Examples are components from which an assembly is to be produced, or a group of gaskets readied for an engine overhaul.
A number of separate Stock Keeping Units that are supplied or used as one item under its own Part Number
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A baby ferret under the age of 6 months.
Baby rabbit.
A ferret under one year of age.
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young of any of various fur-bearing animals; "a fox kit"
Young fox, cub, pup. Not to be confused with the species, Kit Fox.
marvellous assemblage of spare parts required by the percussionist to barricade himself from the rest of the band or orchestra, the construction of which enables him to claim an enormous porterage fee
A custom vehicle that is constructed from parts.
a product that will take the hassle out of the potentially hard and messy job of removing the coat of paint, without affecting the plastic underneath
The collection of those parts needed to complete a manufacturing job. Thus a job to make 50 bicycles will require a kit of 100 wheels, 50 frames, 50 handlebars ...
A kit is a collection of files and directories that represent one or more layered products. It is the standard mechanism by which layered product modifications are delivered and maintained on a Digital UNIX system. See also layered product.
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A box for working implements.
A kind of cement; lute and putty. A box, chest, or canvas bag for holding tools. To pack in a kit.
a box or container with useful goods inside
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A wooden tub or pail, smaller at the top than at the bottom; as, a kit of butter, or of mackerel.
a case for containing a set of articles
supply with a set of articles or tools
A set of tools, parts, etc. See body styling kit, bolt-on kit, bonnet pin kit, first-aid kit, hood pin kit, lowering kit, repair kit, straightening kit, and tune-up kit
Kit is an AIM client for KDE. It has a standard KDE UI, has standard KDE sound and other notification support, and uses the open protocol for reliable service. It has shipped with many operating systems, and so undergone many hours of testing and portability work. It also integrates with KDE session management and system tray features.
A group of separate parts, things, or individuals; -- used with whole, and generally contemptuously; as, the whole kit of them; the whole kit and kaboodle.
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A small violin.
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A straw or rush basket for fish; also, any kind of basket.
big fish/crime target; literally whale.
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language word for immature Khur child.
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A basic kit of cable, jacks and a patch panel to install on NetDay. See the NetDay site for up-to-date information on NetDay kits.
Also known as stem cell factor receptor, An oncogene associated with the growth of certain cancers
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An EDI software solution that has been pre-configured according to the EDI specification of a hub organization in order to simplify EDI implementation.
Key Intelligence Topic. A part of the first function in the Intelligence Process, KITs serve as the focus of intelligence activities and the basis of a discrete intelligence project or effort. They include issues and topics that identify management's intelligence needs, and involve the understanding of how management intends to apply the intelligence outcomes. KITs are the broader intelligence themes around which Key Intelligence Questions are built.
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A large bottle.
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Keep in touch
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To cut.
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A kitten.