Definitions for "Learning objective"
A description of a goal of training or learning in terms of the knowledge, skills, or performance expected of a learner that used as an advanced organizer to indicate how the learner's acquisition of skills and knowledge is being measured.
A learning objective is a written statement describing measurable achievements you hope can be accomplished during your class experience or any other definable learning activity.
a brief, clear statement of what the participant should be able to do as a result of training
A collection of RIOs, overviews, summaries, and assessments that supports a specific learning objective. See reusable learning object (RLO).
A learning objective is the desired state the learner should reach by the end of a learning experience, in terms of both learning and performance. The more specific the objective, the easier it will be to evaluate. Learning objectives should, where appropriate, be linked to external standards that affect the organisation.
Information, based on RIOs, overviews, summaries, and assessments, that supports a specific learning objective.
What you want students to know and understand after they complete a learning experience, usually a culminating activity, product, or performance that can be measured.
the specific knowledge or skill that the teacher intends the child to acquire as a result of the teaching and activities set.