Definitions for "Aptitude"
A student's capability or potential for performing a particular task or skill.
inherent ability
a natural ability, a talent, an inclination towards something that has not yet been mastered
Readiness in learning; docility; aptness.
a capability that a person has developed through experience or education that indicates his/her current readiness to become proficient in a certain type of activity, given the opportunity to do so
Aptitude is the readiness to become proficient in an activity, given the opportunity; it may refer to an individual's capacity or potential to learn a type of work.
Aptitude's goal is to be a highly configurable console frontend for the Debian Advanced Package Tool, based heavily on hierarchical display of information about packages.
APT. It displays a list of software packages and allows the user to interactively pick packages to install or remove. It has an especially powerful search system utilizing flexible search patterns which allow users to understand the complex relationships that can exist between packages.
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Aptitude is an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
A natural or acquired disposition or capacity for a particular purpose, or tendency to a particular action or effect; as, oil has an aptitude to burn.
A general fitness or suitableness; adaptation.