Definitions for "Exhibition"
a forum for oil industry colleagues to have the opportunity to exchange information, share experiences, and review technology through the use of technical presentation, poster sessions, and technical discussion sessions
a frequent talent
an important step in giving young artists the critical process to be productive in the discipline
a major performance and is the culmination of a long-term project
An extended, multi-part project resulting in tangible products and/or presentations; a term often used to describe major performances or activities in a student's school career or a culmination of work in a class. (NFA)
a camera club competition on a world-wide basis
a competitive environment with many companies wanting to generate as many new sales opportunities as possible
Each team is limited as to how many swimmers can swim per event for points. Since we have a large team with many swimmers wanting to swim a particular event, exhibition (show heats not for points) are in addition to the points heats to allow all swimmers a chance to compete. Generally, the fastest swimmers are put in the points heats and the slower swimmers in exhibition. Are some swimmers and parents disappointed if their swimmer is in an exhibition heat? Yes! Is an exhibition swimmer always in exhibition heats? No! When their times improve or as swimmers are needed due to illness or absences, any swimmer has the opportunity to move up to points. Most of the younger swimmers are not even aware that exhibition heats are any different.
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The act of exhibiting for inspection, or of holding forth to view; manifestation; display.
That which is exhibited, held forth, or displayed; also, any public show; a display of works of art, or of feats of skill, or of oratorical or dramatic ability; as, an exhibition of animals; an exhibition of pictures, statues, etc.; an industrial exhibition.
Even at which products and services are displayed.
A public showing of a piece or a collection of objects. Also called an exhibit.
a collection of exhibits
a collection of pictures, sculptures, or other things in a public place where people can come to look at them
an assessment that provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate a skill or knowledge that is highly valued by the school
an ideal and highly effective platform for new product launches
a public demonstration of the best of a student's learning
Sustenance; maintenance; allowance, esp. for meat and drink; pension.
Private benefaction for the maintenance of scholars.
Exhibition GO Station is a GO Transit railway station on the Lakeshore West line to Hamilton.
The time the gallery is open to the public to view the items to be auctioned. Dates and times are published on the website and in the catalogues and on listings and postcards associated with the sale.
The presentation of a sale item or property for inspection before the auction sale occurs.
The act of administering a remedy.
the act of exhibiting; "a remarkable exhibition of musicianship"
a form of communication that constructs models so as to define how a work should be interpreted
a piano work that became successful in a variety of orchestral versions, the reverse is true for St
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a classic example of synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
The act of screening the feature film to the public. Also selling tickets.
One of the three general areas of the film industry; the process of showing the finished film to audiences. See also distribution, production.
a commercial presentation of a film for the public.
a feature of the conference
A display of goods and services staged as part of a convention or conference.
an excellent way of generating new business for companies both large and small, and offers many advantages, such as obtaining sales leads, competitor intelligence, and learning more about industry development and trends
an award from a college of lower status, and less value, than a Scholarship.
a meeting point for people in the spa and wellness business
important introductions of technologies or designs
something introduced into evidence.
a dynamic business that goes through many of the same stages, each with unique characteristics
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a short cut to knowledge