Definitions for "Remediation"
the process of making a site fit-for-purpose through destruction, removal or containment of contaminants.
1. Cleanup or other methods used to remove or contain a toxic spill or hazardous materials from a Superfund site; 2. for the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response program, abatement methods including evaluation, repair, enclosure, encapsulation, or removal of greater than 3 linear feet or square feet of asbestos-containing materials from a building.
"Remediation" means all necessary actions to investigate and clean up any known or suspected discharge or threatened discharge of contaminants, including without limitation: preliminary assessment, site investigations, remedial investigations, remedial alternative analyses and remedial actions.
The process of using feedback to increase a learner's knowledge and skills relative to the learning objective of the offering.
the process of reviewing and reinforcing content that learners did not successfully master on the first try. Remediation is usually initiated when learners incorrectly answer questions on a test or within a practice session.
A strategy designed to conquer a deficiency in an employee's behavior, performance or skills.
Instruction or tutoring that is intended to help students who have fallen behind in their school work.
Remediation is additional help provided to struggling students. Schools may provide before school, after-school, Saturday school or summer school, using tutors, labs and special materials to provide assistance.
Extra instruction for students having difficulty learning.
the sympathetic treatment of the external areas of a proposed development employed to counteract negative landscape and visual effects (part of reduction)
Efforts to counteract some or all of the effects of pollution after it has been released into an environment.
to put right, repair, counteract
Deliberate precautionary measures undertaken to improve the reliability, availability, survivability, etc., of critical assets and/or infrastructures, e.g., emergency planning for load shedding, graceful degradation, and priority restoration; increased awareness, training, and education; changes in business practices or operating procedures, asset hardening or design improvements, and system-level changes such as physical diversity, deception, redundancy, and backups.
Any actions that help to minimize, remedy or mitigate significant harm or pollution of waters or land, or the act of restoring the land or waters to their former state.
measures undertaken in respect to an area of land to remedy contravention of a Forest Practices Code.
teaching that includes diagnosis of a student's reading ability and corrective, remedial, or clinical approaches to improve that ability. process of correcting a deficiency.
action to remedy or correct damage to the environment
act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil
An educational program designed to teach children to overcome some deficit or disability through education and training.
Approaches to rehabilitation that attempt to reduce the severity of neurological deficits.
Rehabilitation of a section of the environment that has been polluted or degraded from a sustainable (self-repairing) state
Attempts to achieve immediacy by ignoring or denying the presence of the medium and the act of mediation (Bolter and Grusin 11).
The decontamination of soil and or water to provide protection to human and environmental health
The steps taken after impacts have occurred to promote, as much as possible, the return of the environment to its original condition.
Actions that improve the ecological condition of a body of land or water without necessarily returning the environment that which existed prior to European settlement. Remediation is often a necessary outcome of an environmental impact assessment (EIA).
An operation or procedure that eliminates the factor or factors causing an imperfection, defect, or critical defect.
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