Definitions for "Cubism"
Keywords:  picasso, braque, pablo, cubist, georges
A movement or phase in post-impressionism (which see, below).
An innovative abstract art movement that began in Paris in 1907 by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It was a reaction against the traditional naturalistic painting techniques. The Cubists depicted many different views of objects as superimposed geometric planes with the intention of expressing the idea of an object rather than any particular aspect. See Movements; Cubism
an early 20th century art movement using a new spatial organization in which aspects of an object were depicted combining several simultaneous points of view.
Cubism is a clone of the action puzzle game Intelligent Qube . Written in C++ using DirectX 9 for the Win32 platform. Cubism is an enhanced, modernized version of IQ, but also contains a traditional, "old school" mode.