Definitions for "De Stijl"
Keywords:  stijl, dutch, piet, mondrian, painters
Dutch for "the style", a purist art movement that began in the Netherlands during World War I involving painters, sculptors, designers and architects whose works and ideas were expressed De Stijl magazine. De Stijl wanted to create a universal language of form independent of individual emotion and thus pared down to primary colours, plus black and white, and rectangular shapes.
de Stijl was a Dutch design movement which started in 1917, it was formed by a group of architects and artists and was founded on the theories of Dutch architect Hendrik Berlage and drew in additional influences from the earlier Cubist and Futurist movements. It spread to become a major part of Rational design. It’s main characteristics were flat smooth geometric planes and fundamental construction. Frank Lloyd Wright was a major influence on the best designer of de Stijl furniture, Gerrit Rietvield.
(Du.- "style"] - Dutch abstract art movement founded in 1917 that reduced the natural world into constant, pure forms and colors, typically using geometric forms and primary colors supplemented by white, black and gray.