Definitions for "clone"
a group of organisms derived from a single individual by some kind of asexual reproduction; -- used mostly of microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast.
an individual organism containing a genetic complement identical to that of another organism, produced by using the genetic material from the second animal in a non-sexual reproduction process.
something virtually identical to another object.
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An IBM PC/XT- or AT-compatible computer made by another manufacturer.
Usually refers to PCs which are compatible with IBM's machines. In other words, they operate along the same lines unlike MACINTOSH machines. The term can also refer to MICROPROCESSORS such as the numerous clones of Intel's PENTIUM chip now on the market.
a computer system (both hardware and software) based on another company's system and designed to be compatible with it
a variant within a variety that has some difference of interest to grape growers and/or winemakers
Variant of a game that may have different graphics or be designed for a different country.
an example of a variety replicated from a particular mother vine specially selected for a particular attribute(s).
What do sheep, droids, and computers all have in common? They can all be ...
a duplicate - much like a photocopy is a duplicate, or c
a sector-by-sector duplicate of the original
a read-only snapshot of a file system
a writable snapshot
a writable volume or file system whose initial contents are the same as another dataset
That guy in the office who wears the same shirt and tie as the boss, mimics his annoying speech patterns, and receives an according amount of respect for his troubles.
A wireless phone that has been programmed to mimic another wireless phone. Often used to defraud a wireless carrier by placing illegal calls without any intention of payment.
refers to a gay man of a certain, somewhat standardised appearance. The classic look includes short-cropped hair, trim moustache, flannel shirt and Levi's brand 501 jeans.
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a sarcastic song about churches where it doesn't matter what the Bible says, one is only a Christian if one dresses, talks, and acts like everyone else at that church
Clone is the first studio album from Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon. It was released on October 8, 2002, and features the duo performing acoustic originals and cover songs on a variety of instruments.
A pair of sneakers that look like a famous sneaker.... but they aren't. Also see: Bobos, Cheaper Jeepers, Chuck Clones, Fishheads.
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A golf club which resemble popular OEM models to the point of attempting to make the consumer think that the club is the real thing.
the type of golf club made from openly available component parts. Clone heads are manufactured using similar designs, materials and technology as the brand name clubs they often look like. Both clone and brand clubs use shafts and grips that are openly available in the golf marketplace. Clone retailers usually assemble these heads, shafts and grips and market their clubs online.
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Leucocyte Salivary
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Ligands Stagnation
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An FPA-function that has been specified already or constructed within another or the same user function within the project.
a character that has the same moves of another character, but may have different stats than that particular character
A mobile device, typically a cellular telephone, that claims to possess the same address identifier as another mobile device.
a game that has been programmed to look and feel similar to the Dungeon Master games, usually by an enthusiast
In the computer and video game industry, a clone is a game or game series which is very similar to or heavily inspired by a previous popular game or game series. Some genres are founded by such archetypical games that all subsequent similar games are thought of as derivatives. For example, there was a time when all scrolling shooters were called Galaga-clones.
a person who is re-inventing himself/herself to conform to the image of someone else,the latter could be a pop idol or a charismatic leader or a local hero/heroine
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an imitation of someone else's style
a program that attempts to imitate the behavior of the original game without using its original source codes
A computer that imitates a brand name computer on the market, but is usually sold for a lower price.
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A distribution independent application to manage multiple configuration files on your system and switch easily between them. It is mainly intended for laptop users but in fact it's not limited to ip settings, it aims to provide you a way to mantain seve
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a copycat machine
Lipopolysaccharide Specificity
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See fileset clone
A motorcycle built to resemble and function like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle without actually being a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (the vehicle title will identify it as something other than a Harley-Davidson)
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a car that didn't originally come with the name/package it is now
a twin, and a twin is not in any sense the same person as the original tissue donor, just as your twin brother or sister would not be you
Computers using similar technology but made by a company other than the technology's originator.
Clone is used to generate a Royalty Free executable image from your Forth programs. It is a two-pass program which first creates a call dependency tree for wordname, then uses the tree to build a separate program image of minimum size. See the chapter on CLONE.
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a product made, not a person begotten
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Columnar Common name
a good supplement to a backup routine, but not a substitute
a poor substitute
a tool exceptionally appropriate for this task,
A hardware device or a software package that emulates a product with an established reputation and market acceptance.
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a digital dub of a disc byte by byte without the use of analog cables
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a second instance of an IRC client running on one users system and also connected to IRC
a selection of a particular varietal that gives us subtle flavor and texture variations within that varietal
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Defines both molecular clones and whole-animal clones.
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an example of a human entity that may come into being without benefit of a sperm-egg union
A mutual fund designed to match the performance of an existing successful fund...
a term used to describe two players from different seasons, e
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a multiple connection from the same host