Definitions for "Muscat"
Keywords:  vitis, vinifera, raisin, musky, canelli
A name given to several varieties of Old World grapes, differing in color, size, etc., but all having a somewhat musky flavor. The muscat of Alexandria is a large oval grape of a pale amber color.
Ancient, aromatic white wine grape with a very extended family and said by some to be the ancestor of most other vitis vinifera grapes, which produces fruity, softly perfumed wines, some fine Italian sparkling wines and some enticing dessert wines from Austria and other parts of the world.
(Moos-caht) - Aromatic, ancient grape, considered by some to be an ancient ancestor of most other vitis vinifera grapes; makes wines, often sweet and always fruity, with a characteristic grapefruity and musky (as the name implies) aroma.
Keywords:  oman, seeb, sultanate, gulf, airport
a port on the Gulf of Oman and capital of the sultanate of Oman
Oman (Seeb International Airport)
Common description of the aroma and flavor of some fine Darjeelings.