Definitions for "Zinfandel"
One of the few varieties to have an entire webpage devoted to it (ZAP Organisation). Currently regarded as an important grape variety, thought to be the variety advertized in the 1830 's as the Zinfendal by a Long Island, NY. nursery (see ZAP Resource Gu
A red wine grape found almost exclusively in California. While its origins are undoubtedly European, the exact location and name of its progenitor is one of wine's great mysteries. The Primativo of Italy is often named as the origin of Zin, but some believe that Primativo came from Zin, and not the other way around. Evidence for this is found in DNA testing. Whatever the origin of Zinfandel, it is one of the most planted fine wine grapes in California. These vines are older than most other vines in the area, and for this reason produce some of the most intense fruit. For the uninitiated, Zinfandel means a pink wine. It is important to remember that pink wine can be made from any red wine grape, and that the true red Zinfandel shares little with its pink counterpart. Known for its wide variety of styles, most Zinfandel is not particularly tannic (and does not age well) while having an abundance of fruit, to the point of being "jammy." While Zinfandel is one of my personal favorites, especially in the moderate price range, some find the forward fruit to be too much of a good thing.
small black grape grown chiefly in California; transplanted from Europe