Definitions for "Graves"
Celebrated wine district in Bordeaux producing fine red and white wines. The whites are especially famous. Reds are particularly full bodied for Bordeaux.
(grahv) One of the wine producing regions of Bordeaux, France. The city of Bordeaux itself has largely encroached on the area, making for an almost urban vineyard setting. The word literally means "gravel" and so important is gravel for drainage in vineyards, that the region is named for this notable feature. Red and white wines are produced here, with the best known producer being Ch. Haut Brion. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the chief red grapes, and Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon for white wines.
(Grahv) - Sub-region of Bordeaux, named for its gravelly soil, known for both red wines and Bordeaux's most classic dry, racy whites made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.
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Glossary of Poetic Terms No. 1 on Google UK | | | | | | | | | JK | | | | | | QR | | | UVWXYZ Haiku Miniature Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables - five syllables in first line, seven in second and five in the last. No rhyme or meter scheme is employed when writing haiku. The aim of the haiku is to create something greater than the sum of the parts e.g. Reflections Today your surface Is a mirror where the sky Bends to see itself. See more of my River Diary Haiku. Traditionally Haiku were used to capture aspects of nature and often feature a seasonal component known as a 'kigo'. See Japanese forms.
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Graves is the band that Michale Graves and Dr. Chud made after they left the Misfits. Graves made one album, Web of Dharma.
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The sediment of melted tallow. Same as Greaves.
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