Definitions for "Vineyard"
An inclosure or yard for grapevines; a plantation of vines producing grapes.
a farm of grapevines where wine grapes are produced
a grape farm
Where you enter into life in Jesus' name by giving him all your tears and sadness as well as all your years of pain .
To dream of a vineyard, denotes favorable speculations and auspicious love-making. To visit a vineyard which is not well-kept and filled with bad odors, denotes disappointment will overshadow your most sanguine anticipations.
Keywords:  prosper, thing, healthy, living, fruit
a living thing and like all living things it cannot prosper unless it is healthy, and it will only give of its best fruit if it avoids illness
a living thing with a personality of its own
a part of the natural world, but it is intensely cultivated and fretted over
an interesting detail of the property description
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a long-term investment